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Vicky Cristina Barcelona Review

Much like tasting premium wine, taking a stroll through a botanical garden on a sunny afternoon or savoring a serving of very fine chocolate, Vicky Cristina Barcelona delivers a delightful and highly sensual experience likely to stay with its audience long after the credits have finished more

Domovoy (Домовой) Review

Amid the general unimpressiveness of most modern Russian genre productions, Domovoy stands out as a remarkable example of a film that does many things more

SDAFF: First Squad (Первый отряд) Review

Coming back from a screening of the Russian anime co-production with Japan’s Studio 4°C First Squad at the San Diego Asian Film Festival, it is certainly not easy to settle on a final verdict for Yoshiharu Ashino’s new more

Klass Review

Just when you thought the international film circuit may potentially be running out of steam, from Estonia comes Ilmar Raag’s bold new film Klass, an up-close-and-personal examination of honor, cruelty and humanity in more

Vinyan Review

With its exotic setting, lush jungle cinematography and moody soundtrack, Vinyan, the long-awaited new horror film from Belgian director Fabrice du Welz, has all the makings of a genre-changing more

Rusalka (Русалка) Review

Masterfully crafted by director Anna Melikyan, Rusalka is clearly the work of an auteur as it effortlessly defies all attempts at conventional categorization, and instead establishes its own unique style embedded in its own cinematic world, completely original and more

Stilyagi (Стиляги) Review

Stilyagi stands out as a meticulously crafted musical comedy that sets a new benchmark for Russian productions in its more