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99 Francs Review

An excellent performance from Jean Dujardin in the lead role and the film’s outstanding soundtrack choices alone make 99 Francs definitely worth watching, but Kounen’s masterful direction seals the picture’s reputation as an unmistakable must-see for fans of European and experimental more

Paris Review

Cédric Klapisch does not disappoint with Paris. Though not quite a new francophone masterpiece, the film offers a welcome meditation on themes that have long pervaded European more

Terribly Happy (Frygtelig lykkelig) Review

With its uniquely Scandinavian atmosphere of eerie moroseness permeating every shot, Terribly Happy (Frygtelig lykkelig) is the work of a talented auteur, an artistic triumph that sets itself apart from like-minded films by focusing on the quality of the experience it delivers rather than settling for cheap more

Black Lightning (Чёрная Молния) Review

With plenty of action, a story built around a flying vintage car and presentation bordering on magical realism, Black Lightning (Chernaya Molniya) appears to have all the makings of a modern classic, yet neither the superfluous special effects nor the production budget of $8 million manage to save it from falling flat on its more

Biutiful Review

If you’ve ever heard the expression “like watching paint dry” used to describe a film, watching Biutiful will provide visual confirmation of the physical possibility of such more

Cashback Review

Like life itself, Sean Ellis’ film Cashback is a fleeting, vibrant and bittersweet experience, with its ups and downs masterfully acted out and captured on celluloid thanks to stellar performances from everyone more

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Män som hatar kvinnor) Review

Although a bit overrated, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo can be an enjoyable way to spend the evening if it is mystery you seek and do not mind the slow pacing and subtitles. However, it is at best a popular cult film – clearly not the new artistic masterpiece some have made it sound to more